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Infinity Working: un immeuble de 6.800 m2 de bureaux modernes et modulables, idéalement situé, parfaitement desservi par les transports en commun, lumineux et exceptionnel.
Infinity Working… sans aucun doute le lieu de travail idéal du Luxembourg, et pour l’occupant qui s’y installera, l’occasion rêvée d’avoir une adresse prestigieuse et une visibilité unique dans un bâtiment exclusif.

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    Infinity stands for the coming together of several universes whose horizons intertwine to create a richer life. Infinity’s ‘Live, Shop, Work’ triptych evokes the 20,000 m² of housing, a 6,500 m² shopping centre with 23 shops, restaurants and themed cafes, along with a 6,800 m² office building, all ideally located and very close to public transport services. A stone’s throw from the offices, from the Philharmonie concert hall and from the Mudam museum, the Infinity Living residential tower epitomises the privileged address of those in the know, the very essence of dynamism and sophistication.

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    Creating a liaison between the Old Continent and the United States, Infinity Living is quite clearly inspired by the luxurious residential towers of the other side of the Atlantic. With its private concierge service, its monumental entrance hall and its 150 high class apartments, the Infinity Living residential tower totally redefines the art of living in Luxembourg. Nothing less than an architectural gem, its vertical silhouette carves out a new horizon and redefines the city’s skyline. Living at an exceptional address designed by a major architect, this is what Infinity invites you to do.