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"The Infinity project has been designed around the union of the East and the West. Two towers rise up together as one, their facades disappearing into a planted roof, lending unity to this village of glass cubes. Like one of Möbius' ribbons joining the various elements together, the roofs merge together, the unifying element at the centre of the composition".

The residential tower is a slender vertical slab. It emerges from a folding green roof. Accordingly, its textured glass facade follows the roof vocabulary as it twists and bends on its way to the sky. The podium roof splits into two zones that avoid folding in unison, creating a dual profile that resembles an undulating hillside. The tower follows that duality as it splits into two parts that fold independently. The resultant horizontality of the podium roofline and the verticality of the residential tower are seen in unity.

The slabs' proportions were intended to maximize the number of spaces with direct sunlight. The great majority of the units face south and others east and west. Because the tower is split in two parts, the middle units get a second sun exposure.

The building's skin is made up of vertical transparent and opaque components. They create an organic non-repetitive pattern while achieving sustainable goals. Terraces are turned into winter gardens for use year round. When closed, they form part of the main facade. The two façade planes separate at the top to emphasize the tower duality.

Double-height glass walls reveal a tall sculpted lobby. The wood lobby walls follow the exterior volumetric language of angular planes. It is the announcement of arrival to residential units with layouts of international standard and views like no others in Luxembourg.

The Infinity project has been conceived in partnership with Luxembourg architectural bureau M3, renowned for almost twenty years in Luxembourg for its skill and expertise in the domains of urban project conception and interior design.